Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"The Cozen Den"

The Cozen Den  96" x 72" oil on wood 2011

Today I put down layer 13 on "The Cozen Den". Just when I think that Grumbacher's ultramarine blue deep has a rich hue when applied in multiple layers, I am corrected by the oil brands Fragonard: Deep ultramarine and Graham: cobalt. These two blues are rich in saturation that remains days after drying with a lightfastness rating (The lightfastness rating printed on a paint tube label is an indication of the resistance a hue has to changing when exposed to light. Colors can lighten and fade, darken or turn grayer. The result: a painting that looks dramatically different to when it was created). I can def spot the difference around the chest area of the figure. These three types were mixed with a bit of titanium white. I am about 4 layers away from moving on to grey tones and begin shaping/lighting the face structure.

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